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About the company

Campadre launched its operations in 2009 and has established itself as the leader in online private sales in the Nordic region. Online-private-sale is a proven business model where limited batches of premium brand goods are sold at highly discounted prices during short campaigns in a members-only web store. The Business model serves both brand owners and end customers alike by providing a mechanism for brand owners to conduct inventory optimization in a rapid and discrete fashion while offering premium value to consumers. The online private sales business was pioneered in France in the early 2000s and has since been developed and adopted in many regions throughout the world. In the Nordic countries this business model is still however in its infancy with Campadre as the market leader.


CV II ownership: 18,0 %


CV II Board representatives: Tore Schiøtz

Contango Kapital AS, Stortingsgata 28, 0161 Oslo